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Opticlar D-Scope


LED Quality
Powered by 4 high performance LEDS the Opticlar Dscope provides an excellent screening tool for early detection of
malignant melanoma's. Easily controlled illumination for the perfect view.

Optical Quality
With experience gained from the manufacture of operating microscopes the Dscope optics
provide excellent edge to edge magnification free from spherical and chromatic aberration.

Polarisiation or Immersion - One unit - Both options
Initial examination is easily accomplished using the Polarisation setting on the rotating contact
plate, if more detailed examination is required simply rotate contact plate to immersion setting
and apply the chosen contact medium. Unlike other Dermatoscopes there is no need to change
contact plates.

Access all areas? - No Problem
Difficult to access? Simply remove contact plate and fit the extended small lesion plate, access
can now be made between fingers, toes and other restricted areas.

Cross Infection? - No Problem
If you are uncertain about the possibility of cross infection or are accessing personal areas such
as the genitals and anal region fit the disposable contact plate holder and clip on the disposable
contact plate. When finished simply flick the disposable contact plate into a suitable clinical
waste receptacle. A simple and effective solution to the worries of possible cross infection. The
disposable contact plate system can be used with either polarised light or for contact

Documentation - Compact or SLR - No Problem
If you need to document findings the excellent operating microscope derived optics provide
first class images using either a simple compact camera adaptor, SLR adaptor or Smart phone
camera adaptor. The XY graticule provides unique referencing points for training and peer to
peer discussion.
Compatibility - Protects your equipment investment - WA or German branded - No Problem.
Whilst we recommend that the Opticlar D-Scope is purchased as part of a unified system we
understand that many surgeries have invested in Welch Allyn equipment and for that reason
we offer the Opticlar D-Scope with a direct fitting to WA twist lock handles and charging systems.

For Dermatology departments that wish to upgrade to an Opticlar D-scope we offer a simple
convertor that allows Opticlar D-Scopes to be used on German branded handles and charging systems.
Similarly if a department wishes to upgrade to Opticlar lithium ion rechargers and handles we
offer a simple convertor that allows the use of German branded instruments on Opticlar handle systems.