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DermLite® DL1


Product Features & Information:

Introducing Dermlite® DL1
DermLite DL1 is a mobile device-compatible pocket epiluminescence microscopy device designed to view skin lesions with high magnification and clarity. Four LED’s (light emitting diodes) provide bright, even illumination, and a special spacer with cross-polarization provides a glare-free image by cancelling the reflected light from the skin without immersion fluids, and a non-polarized space may be used for traditional immersion fluid dermoscopy. A high quality, three element lens configuration, designed to provide excellent results with leading mobile devices, offers superb colour correction and reduced image distortion for images rich in surface detail.

The all-new DL1. Highly compressed performance.
•    About the size of a stick of gum
•    Clips to your shirt
•    Same lens size as a DL100
•    Cross-polarized and non-polarized modes
•    Glass faceplate with 10 mm scale
•    Recharges from any laptop or PC
•    Takes superb images with your iphone 4

Warranty: 5 years

All iPhone jacks & buttons remain accessible, always.
The unobtrusive design of the DermLite iPhone case does not get in the way of using your phone, ever.

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