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Disposable Instruments

Single use Disposable Instruments offer you the most cost effective and safe way to equip your minor ops clinic eliminating the need to purchase expensive sterilising equipment.

Cost Effective

The cost effective alternative to reprocessing

Lost instruments, traceability, replacement instruments, reprocessing costs, and the use of valuable staff resources all combine to increase the cost of multi-use surgical instruments and procedure packs. Where risks are high in the instrument life cycle, and staff resources are limited, the provision of sterile single use instrument and dressing packs can help to reduce overall hospital costs, increase efficiency, and thus assist in the quality of patient care.


High quality instruments at single use prices

These instruments are designed to carry out surgical procedures, and are sterilised utilising our own on site steam sterilising unit. As is well known, steam is able to penetrate all parts of the instrument surfaces including lumens and box joints, hence our reason for selection steam as our preferred method of sterilisation.


100% Guaranteed decontamination and traceability every time

Risk factors associated with patient and staff contamination caused by surgical instrumentation have been will documented. Protection for you and your patient is possible with single use instruments. Potential risks of cross infection caused by microbiological contamination can be dismissed. Packaging and instruments are clearly labelled for single use and are supplied either with a sterile field wrap or a quick to open pouch. All products are CE marked.