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Why Chose Aaron over Conmed Hyfrecator?

Foot Control Advantage - Less to Buy...

Purchase Footswitch List Price: £99.00

When compared with the Aaron 900, the Hyfrecator 2000 costs nearly twice as much for the foot control feature. However the handpiece power control feature is lost, as well as button activation.

Additionally, the Hyfrecator's setup is much more complicated. With the Aaron 900, just plug in the footswitch and you are ready to go. You maintain power control from the handpiece as will as activation from the handpiece or foot control; it's your choice.

Don't pay more for less. The Aaron 900 is the better choice.

Steps Later...


(reverse steps
to go back to
3-button handpiece)
The Clear
is Aaron
Hyfrecator 2000 Purchase
Foot Control
List Price: £115.00
Foot Control
Hand piece
List Price: £99.00


Here are the steps necessary to go from 3-button handpiece control to foot control on the Hyfrecator 2000.
(steps must be reversed to go back to 3-button handpiece control)
Step 1
Unplug 3-button
handpiece from
bottom of unit
Step 2
Unplug 3-button
handpiece from
front of unit
Step 3
Detach 3-button
handpiece from
Step 4
foot control
Step 5
Plug foot control
handpiece into
front of unit
Step 6
Plug footswitch
into bottom of unit

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