About Us

Brymill Cryogenic Systems (UK) Ltd (we) are owned by Brymill Cryogenic System (USA) and is the world's largest Designer & Manufacturer of Handheld Cryosurgery Equipment to Secondary and Primary Care hospitals and healthcare providers. The Brymill headquarters is in Ellington, CT and has been in business since 1966. The UK office was established in 1999.

We have the most comprehensive range of accessories for treating skin lesions with Cryosurgery including Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewars, Withdrawal Devices, Spray attachments and Contact Probes.

Working together with the Primary Care Dermatology Society and the R.C.G.P at training and education events all over the UK we also have a range of other Dermatology related devices covering diagnosis and surgical treatment options.


We can supply you with anything from the Bovie Range of Electrosurgery and Cautery Devices. From the cost effective Derm102 10watt High Frequency Desiccator to the high end A3350 Bovie OR Pro 300 Watt ESG. Taking care of all you Monopolar or Bipolar needs to perform Haemostasis whn excising lesions.

Smoke Evacuation

The Aaron Smoke Shark II is the easy way to effectively remove all the smoke and particles that are produced at the operative sight when using Electrosurgery generators.


We are distributors of the 3 major manufacturers of Dermatosopes – Opticlar, Heine and DermLites. Used in the early diagnosis of Melanoma. All of these devices can be used in conjunction with a Digital Camera or Mobile phone to capture images of the skin lesion to enable Teledermatology to used thus reducing the referral rates in Primary Care.


We also carry the Ethicon Range of Sutures. Our web site may only show all the Drug Tariff items that are available we can offer the whole range of Ethilon, Prolene, Vicryl, Vicryl Plus, Vincryl Rapide, Monocryl and PDS II sutures along with the Dermabond Topical Skin Adhesive. For any sutures not shown on this website just ask us via the Contact Us option.

Single-Use Consumables

Our website also shows a large range of Single-Use consumable products including Single-Use Instruments, Biopsy Punches, Dermal Curettes, Shave Biopsy Blades, Disposable Scalpels nad Blades and a limited range of PPE products such as Gloves and Aprons.