Product Features Information

  • Slender, fingertip trigger for maximum control and ease of use for right and left handed users.
  • Streamlined Relief Valve maintains a constant operating pressure to ensure consistent and accurate freezing.
  • Patented Safety Autovent maximizes safety by allowing internal pressure to gradually vent as the cap is unscrewed.
  • Durable collar and cap cover insulates the user’s hand and reduces condensation.
  • Stainless Steel and Brass construction for long life.
  • Sturdy base for extra stability.
  • 4 spray tips with varying sized apertures (.04 - .016 inches) a 1" x 20g Straight Spray and a 20 gauge bent spray are included with CRY-AC®, CRY-AC®-3 and Cry-Baby® units for more accurate, controlled treatment of lesions of different sizes and types. Each unit also comes with a 3-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects
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